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Why do I pee during workouts?!

Newsflash: Most have heard that peeing during workouts is NOT normal, but what we haven’t learned is that just “doing your kegals” is not the answer. It’s an integrative approach friends!  Meaning, the pelvic floor and surrounding muscles have to both contact AND relax or lengthen. Learning to breath and use the diaphragm properly is key. Exhaling with each contraction whether it be a squat, lunge or bicep curl is ideal. The pelvic floor is meant to lengthen as we inhale and contract as we exhale. Avoiding valsalva maneuvers and breath holding with exercise is essential. Another tip is to avoid butt clenching to stabilize. It will keep the glutes in a tight weak position and actually work against you. The pelvic floor works with a team of muscles including the respiratory diaphragm, deep abdominal and back stabilizers, and hip rotators. There’s so much more to learn about muscle balance and how to properly stabilize during workouts and during all activities in life.  

Seeing a physical therapist who specializes in pelvic health is invaluable. Blue Sky Wellness loves to empower patients with knowledge and resources.  #StrongPelvisStrongBody #BlueSkiesAhead #PelvicFloorExercises #PelvicFloorPhysicalTherapy

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