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It took several years and many doctor office visits to figure out that women are often dismissed when it comes to urinary frequency and urgency after menopause unless you want to be on medication with lots of side effects. Then I found Erica Adams, PT, the owner of Blue Sky Wellness and my life has changed. I no longer suffer with urinary frequency and urgency. She has a comprehensive and simple program of rehab exercises that focus on pelvic health and it works! Thank you Erica for your knowledge, expertise and wisdom and thank you for teaching me that we do not have to suffer and with the right approach, there is hope.


5 years after childbirth, and I was having pain and issues with urinating when coughing.  I saw Erica and over the course of a couple visits I was no longer worried about coughing!  And after 8 visits my pain was almost completely gone, and continued to improve while I did my exercises.  Its nice to be able to take these things for granted again!  I tell everyone--these are not "normal" side effects from childbirth, go see Erica and get your life back!  Thank you Erica!


Dr. Erica Adams has been a colleague of mine for several years now. We have trained together, and I have seen how she cares and treats her patients. As a fellow business owner and physical therapist, I recommend her expertise in working with patients especially those seeking pelvic floor and other orthopedic condition physical therapy. She had been my mentor for women’s health conditions and treatment. Personally, she shows compassion and truly empathizes with her patients making her one of the best PTs I know. Having her in the private practice sector is a great addition to the physical therapy field. Again, congratulations and your patients are really blessed to have you!!!


As a prenatal yoga teacher and birth doula, I know the value of women's health PT, supporting and treating the pelvic floor, balancing the pelvis and working with a diastasis of the rectus abdominal muscles.  As a massage therapist specializing in myofascial release, people come to me with pain and dysfunction and sometimes need additional physical therapy support.  I love that Erica has such a broad range of expertise, is extremely skilled in supporting her patients with a personalized approach given their specific struggles and she has a huge heart.  It's obvious physical therapy is a labor of love for Erica and I know and trust anyone I refer to her will be in the best of hands.


I have been a male pelvic patient of Erica’s for approximately three years.  I was seeing another PT who recommended I see Erica.  Within 15 minutes of my first appointment I knew she would be able to help me.  Erica is a complete professional who has gone above and beyond what anyone would expect from a heath care provider to assist me and address my issues.  I am in a much better place than I was three years ago because of Erica.  She has not only physically worked on me, but has taught me how to live smarter, and not do things that exacerbate my problem.  Erica is constantly educating herself in search of ways to help her patients live a pain free life. I am very thankful to have found Erica. 


I am a psychotherapist and am a colleague. I refer to Blue Sky Wellness frequently and trust her to provide excellent care. My patients who are seen by Blue Sky Wellness receive warm and compassionate care from an expert who truly works to resolve their issues of pelvic pain.


Erica is wonderful. She is a great listener and really takes the time to figure out your situation and then works on it until you get relief. She has helped me with exercises and a plan that I can do for the rest of my life. I would highly recommend her.


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