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Bowl + E = Bowel

It seems like every time that I mention I am pelvic physical therapist, another friend or colleague pulls me aside in a whisper to tell me they are having bowel issues. It’s super common and should NOT be a taboo subject! Pelvic physical therapists work with patients who are suffering from constipation, irritable bowel syndrome (all types), fecal incontinence, bloating, hemorrhoids, and rectal prolapse. PTs can help with behavioral changes like diet and the role of fiber, water intake, toilet posture and pelvic floor muscle relaxation in order to improve your chances of having a successful bowel movement. Don’t suffer in silence. Help is out there! #blueskiesahead #IBS #guthealth #strongpelvisstrongbody #pelvicfloorexercises #pelvicfloorphysicaltherapy

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