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Feeling particularly thankful this New Year’s Eve as I reflect back on 2019, a year of new challenges and adventures. I am so lucky to have family and friends by my side who encourage and support me along the way. My support system helps guide both big and small tasks ranging from how to make a post on Instagram to what supplies are helpful for my practice. Jason Adams, my husband/business manager/handyman/IT support is a huge advocate for Blue Sky Wellness and I’m forever grateful!

Repke Fitness has proven to be a wonderful support and I cannot think of a better space to be in as a new business entrepreneur. Simple acts like turning on my space heater before I walk in the door in the morning, accompanying me to marketing and networking events, and fixing my printer before I even ask are a true blessing!

I am particularly thankful to my patients for trusting me with their care and allowing me to get them to their healthiest, strongest and most pain free state. Blue Sky Wellness is nothing without you!

Cheers to all in 2020, for I can see blue skies ahead!

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