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Product Review: BabyBellyBand by Cabea

I LOVE THIS BELLY BAND! This is my new favorite band to recommend during and after pregnancy. I have been recommending it for several months now and patients are loving it. It is wide enough to brace the pelvis (SI joint) and support the growing abdomen. Its shoulder straps provide a lift to assist with weight distribution, back pain, and pelvic floor pressure. It also comes with groin straps to support vulvar varicosities, inguinal and/or femoral hernias, symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD), perineal or vulvar edema and pelvic organ prolapse. This product was developed by Caroline Christensen who attended my alma mater, the University of Massachusetts, Amherst also as an exercise science major. I love the multi system use of this product and love that my patients can be active while wearing it!

Blue Sky Wellness Pregnant Belly

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